We have a number of different projects developing at the Centre with plenty of scope for participation.

The Synergy Youth Project


A series of events run by young people for young people, delivered in partnership with a number of local youth and youth arts agencies. In the medium term, we aim to designate one of the three venues in the Synergy Centre as a youth-run venue, ploughing all proceeds back in to projects with support the professional and personal development of young people aged 13-25.

Well Being Events

5 ways to Well-Being

A regular Sunday afternoon / evening event bringing the main partners and practitioners working within the wider Health and Well-Being sector in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding area.

The Synergy Community Art Gallery

A project to develop an accessible and welcome, community based art gallery to display art works using a wide variety of media produced by emerging professionals and community based organisations. For more info please click here.

The Synergy Project


The long awaited, much anticipated return of the legendary Synergy Project indoor festivals, previously held in the SEOne club in London Bridge, combining multimedia arts and entertainment with information and awareness raising in partnership with national and local non governmental organisations. For more info, please click here.

The Brighton Social Forum


The Synergy Centre is joining forces with other local progressive organisations and individuals to host a series of ‘Brighton Social Forum’ events which will apply the long-standing World Social Forum and European Social Forum models at a local level.